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About the School

Seani Love

Seani Love brings many fields together in his work with conscious sexuality. He has training in diverse ritual and magical traditions dating over the past 25 years. He has studied counselling, ritual theatre and Urban Tantra. Seani runs a successful practice as a kink coach for singles and couples and is a professional dominant with clients around the world. Seani is most fascinated in how conscious exploration of sexuality leads to self-knowledge, healing, intimacy and deep pleasure.  In 2015 he won the coveted award ‘Sex Worker of the Year’ in London for his outstanding contribution to the field of sexuality.

Rosie Heart

Rosie Heart has extensive knowledge in both the tantric and the kinky arts, and loves nothing more than combining the two. Using tools from both worlds, she takes you on a journey into those beautifully scary bits of yourself that you normally leave alone. Creating a safe space in which to explore those parts of our sexuality that we are ashamed or frightened of is her speciality. In both her private sessions and her workshops, Rosie aims to reconnect people with their bodies, their selves, and each other, and show them their own mesmerising beauty. Please have a look at her website at rosieheart.com.

Rebecca Lowriemattphoto.1

The amazing Rebecca Lowrie was instrumental in setting up the School of Erotic Mysteries but is no longer involved in the School. As an act of gratitude to her we are recommending you all visit her website and book her for your sessions of discovery www.sexualalchemy.com



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