Here at the School of Erotic Mysteries we aim to bring you the very highest standard of teachers, co-creators and facilitators.  We are delighted to host these outstanding people as part of our growing community and commitment to spreading the conscious erotic  arts.

David Bloomdavidportrait

David Bloom mostly makes dance pieces. He also enjoys teaching, dancing in other folks’ projects, giving bodywork, telling fortunes & making music. David received his dance training mainly at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt and is a graduate of Barbara Carellas’ Urban Tantra Professional Training Program.

He holds an M.A. in choreography from HZT Berlin, and was the recipient of a 2012 danceWEB scholarship. He has also studied BDSM and Tantra with teachers such as Joseph Kramer, Felix Ruckert, Osada Steve & Midori.

David has regularly curated the Berlin play party/choreographic installation Friends & Lovers, which inspired his short film, Quintet, that premiered at the Porn Film Festival Berlin in October 2013. The Sex and Space workshop that David brings to the School is based on the improvisation tools used in the film. New dates to be announced soon…

Amanda Gay-LoveAmanda-Gay-Love-243x300

Amanda Gay Love is an experienced sexuality educator and guide, dedicated to creating queer-hearted spaces so that people can explore and expand their sensual, sexual and spiritual potential.

Ultimately she is all about pleasure and ensuring that people have a myriad of ways to get it. She has extensive training in women’s sexuality, queer theory, tantra, and BDSM practices. Her numerous passions include: building safety as a means to amplify the possibilities of sex, playing with language and ritual so that new meanings can emerge, fussing over altar flowers and witnessing people in their magnificence.


Claire BlackClaire Portrait-1

Claire Black is an explorer of the dark corners of the psyche. She embraces dark and dirty sexuality and brings it to light, making the obscene ordinary. She believes people who can express all aspects of their personality, including the less socially acceptable ones, are more healthy and balanced individuals.

Claire believes that we all have thoughts and feelings we are ashamed of, and when we recognise these as human and normal we can accept them and become whole, happy people. It brings her great delight to push people physically, watch the social masks we wear crumble and free the shiny being inside.


Lilith WildwoodLilith

I work to revive the lost ancient magickal practices. I offer a place where mysticism, ritual, and sacred sexuality meet. It is a place of transformation and ecstasy where deep healing and spiritual growth can be achieved. My work is always open to people of all genders and all sexual orientations. I believe that it is important to create sacred sexual opportunities that don’t rely on any false notions of a gender binary or hetero-normalisation.

I have been teaching Tree of Life philosophy, western mysticism, and working as a private therapist and sexual healer for over 20 years. I hold loving sacred space for radical truth and experience, inviting your being into ecstatic transformation through magick, sacred sexuality, and energetic bodywork. I am dedicated to offering opportunities for people to reclaim their right to sexual freedom and spiritual empowerment. I look forward to sharing your journey.


Hanna and João

Hanna & João have been involved in Tantra for a few years now after both embarking on a radical journey into self-growth, transformation & expansion.

Through this practice, along with movement & connection, they have found ways to awareness, openness, totality, healing & authenticity within themselves and others.

This not only opened the gates for greater sexuality & intimacy but more fun, freedom & joy in their lives. Together, they are partners in life as well as business & through this work, they bring their passions to the world to support others in finding their path.


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