Feb 282016

Empower Yourself through DIY Porn

Hi all,
We’re all excited for our Empower Yourself through DIY Porn workshop on March 6th! We have received some enquiries which have inspired us to create an FAQ post, we hope you find it  informative and enticing enough to sign up to one of the remaining places!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will attend this workshop?
There are 16 places maximum

Why is this a workshop and not a gathering to make group amateur porn?
This workshop will be a held space, teaching skills and also looking at the reasons we may feel dis-empowered to embrace our exhibitionism, or allow our bodies and sexuality to be visually seen and recorded. We aim to bring the group on a journey together to unlearn shame and body negativity. The gathering will be queer friendly, non-binary, disability friendly and body positive as a means of bringing people together to help break the barriers placed by mainstream porn. We aim to create a comfortable and laid back space where people can be themselves in their sexual expression, transforming into the Porn Stars they really are!

How is the workshop structured?
The majority of the workshop will be discussion based, with two hours set aside for hands-on practical training; the last hour before lunch (selfie session) and the last hour of the day (group video shoot). The group video shoot may involve the whole group collaborating to shoot each other based on each person’s preferences, or lots of individual video shoots, pending the decisions of the individuals present and the whole group.

I’m not sure I want to be part of the filming, is this workshop still for me?
YES! This workshop is for anyone who is interested in filming, performing or interested in learning more about ethical porn. As a lot of the workshop is discussion based you will still learn tricks and techniques that can give you a fulfilling ability to make your own amateur or professional porn in the future.

How will I still be able to be in control of images taken in the workshop?
It is against the rules to film anyone in this workshop without their consent. There will be three people assisting to help ensure this. The reason we encourage you to bring your own cameras is twofold: firstly so that you can practice taking pictures of yourself in the selfie session, finding a private spot to try out the effects of different lighting options etc; and secondly if you have a video camera you wish to practise using, you may bring it and use it to film yourself (or someone else who has given you their consent) during the group shoot.

The exact format of the group shoot will be negotiated and consented to by all participants before shooting starts, so if you attend you will be able to have your say about what takes place. A consent form will be available for people who are happy for their images to be edited by our award-winning pornographer, Pandora Blake, and released to you and the other participants under shared content rights after the workshop. No images from the workshop will be released without consent.

Will there be an option to perform for the camera without others watching?
Yes – there are options which we can discuss as part of our group shoot negotiation (see answer above)

I feel nervous about being filmed:
The emphasis of this workshop is education, fun and creativity. There will be plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning without having to be filmed – as part of the group shoot we will collaboratively dress a set, and set up lights and two cameras on tripods, using the skills we have learned earlier in the day. There will be a chance to operate the cameras if you wish, step in front of the camera either one-on-one, or with the support of the group. When you are filmed, you can show as much or as little of yourself as you wish – your contribution could be anything from shots of your hands as you talk about a sexual fantasy, playing with a favourite kinky toy, to explicit shots of solo masturbation, showing the camera your favourite body part, or slowly performing a strip tease. You don’t have to show your face or any part of your body if you don’t want to – and you can remain fully clothed if you like! We aim to create a safe and fun environment where you can feel truly respected in your sexiness, whatever that may look like.

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