Melbourne: Intro Night Conscious Kink


June 28

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We are excited to welcome back UK-based Conscious Kink expert Seani Love to Melbourne in June 2018!

He has taught many workshops here over the past 8 years and he has now reached international acclaim a teacher and practitioner of the erotic shadows .

Tonight is a stand-alone fun and informative introduction to Seani’s individual approach to these realms. It outlines all the basics, and showcases some great practical exercises. An empowering overview of how to healthily and consciously explore, express and share your erotic shadows.

This will be fantastic for those who are just becoming aware of these practices or are beginners wanting deeper references and understanding. (Or those who already love Seani’s work and just want a good night out.)

This is just a gentle introduction to Conscious Kink. If you are interested in exploring the world of kink, come to our full-weekend event on Saturday June 28 and Sunday July 1st.

Email: with any questions you might have.

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