The Temple Whore

The Temple Whore

The Temple Whore

 The Temple Whore is that beautiful spirit that holds us as we hold space for others. It is that godform that we work with when we take others on journeys into their own erotic inner worlds. The Temple Whore is at once witch, whore, healer, priestess and priest; The Temple Whore can be parent, child, seductress, lover or Beast. We learn to adapt our own energy to give people what they need in each moment.
The Temple Whore in this context can be very sexual in a very hands-on way and so before we begin to really uncover how we might work with this archetype, we’ll spend some time ensuring we have an agreed upon language around consent and boundaries. Personal bodily autonomy is of paramount importance here. It’s only when we know our bodies and hearts are completely safe that we can really start to surrender.
And surrender we shall….
This work is deeply transformative and will facilitate a powerful journey inwards as we awaken that part of ourselves that wishes to (and is capable of) serving others in an erotic context whilst still always nurturing our own boundaries. It is about exploring a powerful set of techniques that facilitate us being open to the Mystery/Divine/Spirit and serving each other at the same time. It is both a powerful journey into self-knowledge and a set of techniques for taking others on such journeys.

Professional Training 

The longer Temple Whore training is essential for those who wish to work in the fields of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality including Tantrikas, Dakas and Dakinis and others who wish to live with full integration of the sexual mysteries in their day to day lives.
Please note this has previously been called “Holy Whore” and “Sacred Prostitute” workshops but I have changed the name because (1) I didn’t want to imply other sex workers are not holy and not sacred. This is not bigger than other forms of whoredom but is somehow a branch of it. (2) There are some other workshops using those names and some strong traditions using those names and I didn’t want to imply that my work has a direct relation to those traditions.

Introducing The Temple Whore

This is a workshop and ritual combined into a two-day event exploring the beauty and power of this most wonderful of archetypes. If learning powerful ritual techniques for both your own erotic exploration and also for taking others on deep, erotic journeys appeals to you but you don’t wish to completely step onto a professional path then this Introductory workshop is for you…

What Will We Do during the Introductory weekend?

The 2 day workshop is aimed at tuning in to one archetype in particular, but this manifests to each of us differently. We will spend some of the weekend exploring techniques that allow for greater ease at connecting to the archetype.
This workshop is open to people of all genders and relationship styles; there is no gender-pairing during this workshop. People may choose to come with a partner and do all of the exercises with their chosen one or you may choose to come along and engage with a beautiful selection of other amazings souls.
The weekend includes:
* Guided visualisation techniques used to meet and ‘converse’ with the archetypes
* Exploring different methods of exploring erotic connection while connected to the Temple Whore archetype
* Powerful communication techniques for negotiationg consent and exploring our own personal boundaries
* Learning different techniques for holding space for people and exploring how holding space can allow people to surrender
* Conversations about sexual health, defining archetypes, exploring godforms, altered states of consciousness and the meaning of ‘Temple Whore’
* Some beautiful elements of Conscious Kink


Seani Love is professional dominant, shadow healer and shamanic practitioner. He has over twenty years of experience in diverse magical traditions, and has trained in ritual theatre, counselling and is a certified Urban Tantra practitioner. Since 2006 he has been working on combining ritual journeys with BDSM as a powerful pathway to personal evolution. In 2015 he was awarded the title of ‘Sex Worker of the year’ for his wonderful contributions to the field of sexuality. He runs the School of Erotic Mysteries and is currently based in London.
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