Grenada: Practitioner Convergence


September 24-29, 2019


We are calling on the next convergence of sacred sexuality practitioners for a 5-day retreat in the beautiful, wild, rustic lands of Grenada in Southern Spain. This will be a retreat at the Valle de Sensaciones “…an Ecovillage Laboratory, a place full of art, beauty and cozy tree houses.”

If you’re a sex worker or sexuality practitioner of any erotic art you are welcome to join. This event is also open to aspiring sexuality practitioners who are ready to jump in.

Both Katy Cara and Seani Love from the School of Erotic Mysteries have been to and organised several such retreats already. The vision is to invite a diverse group of sexuality professionals to turn up and create an opening circle where intentions are set. The goal then is for participants who join to have a chance to offer workshops, sessions, exchanges, rituals and other acts of personal nurturance.

The workshop planning for the week will be initially unstructured and we’ll co-create that once we’re there. We imagine different sessions of skill-sharing with options such as tantra massage, shadow work, erotic ritual, emotional release, impact play, embodied boundaries & consent, integrated kink, holding space, shibari, activism, self-care, ecosexuality and many others. The exact content will be determined by you, the participants, depending on what you wish to share.

As this is largely unstructured, we’ve been able to keep prices low!

Members of Valle de Sensaciones
Supportive €570
Standard €498
Concession €408

Non members (annual Valle membership included in this price)
Supportive €610
Standard €528
Concession €428

We will cook and eat together, under the loving guidance of our dear friend Theresa Howson (Anahata Belly), our favourite sex positive culinary magic weaver who happens to be in Europe at this time!

There are caravans, tree houses and clay houses that serve as rooms that will be shared by participants. You can bring your own bed linen or hire this for €5.

The Valle of Sensaciones is a wonderful project set up by Achim and currently run by him and Isa Devi. Completely integrated with nature, it provides a unique opportunity to experience community living, sustainable practices and permaculture. All this in a place that allows you to explore and express your creativity, flow in your own rhythm and deeply interact in a nature environment.

Valle de Sensaciones is situated in the Alpujarra of Granada, the southern mountains of Sierra Nevada, in Andalucia, Spain. If you require any sort of transfer or pickup please let Katy know so we can organise rideshares.

Please apply by completing this registration form: and making your €200 deposit payment:
Katy Cara
IBAN DE30 7001 1110 6054 7399 13
UK acc: 25960627 sort: 231470
Reference: CV + your name
Please email when you have made your payment.

We have a maximum of 24 participants coming. Please be one of them! If you have any questions please email

We look forward to journeying together ♥

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