The School of Erotic Mysteries


Have you ever looked at the stage and wished you could also embody the gracefulness, sensual erotic self of Burlesque? So many of us assume that we can’t, that we aren’t able, aren’t skilled enough. But as long as we can move we can show that side of ourselves. It’s Burlesque and Bellydancer Midnight Iris’ belief that anyone of any gender, body type, ability and experience can express themselves in this way and that it’s extremely important to us all.
Join us for a day of empowerment, confidence boosting and getting in touch with your own grace, poise beauty and sensuality through the medium of music and movement. It is her passion to break through those negative assumptions, draw out the dancer in everyone who attends. This workshop pulls from accessible concepts from a number of dance styles making it interesting, varied yet easy to engage with.
During this workshop we will spend a great deal of time connecting with our inner selves and with the group, as well as building confidence and poise to create a space where we can express as freely as we want to. At the very end, for those who would like to, there will be a showcase allowing each person who attends to move and be witnessed. Midnight will teach a basic choreography, interspersed with different opportunities to personalize your dance and tap into your own expression. If you hear a bit of music during the class that moves you, then you can even make your own!
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