The School of Erotic Mysteries

with Emy Fems

Saturday, November 14th


Covent Garden, London

The School of Erotic Mysteries is delighted to present Emy Fem wonderful workshop, “Sensual Consensual” as part of her UK tour this November.

A sensual experimental workshop with Emy Fem

Tonight we enjoy touch and the eroticism of play. The ways we enjoy sensuality and play are as individual as the people experiencing them. The game of sensuality and eroticism has many faces. There are many paths on the journey from sensuality to pain. Explore your own dynamic. The anticipation of what is to come. Sense the passion of intensity.

The goal of this workshop is to explore the individual dynamics of practicing sensual play. Finding one’s own pace or a common rhytmn, a person can develop their own kinky choreography. We will discover our borders and the way to communicate them. Setting boundaries is important and often difficult. Realising the needs of ourselves and others. Each person is different and has separate desires: Domination/Submission, tantra, pain play, hair, feathers, bondage, needles, wax, knives, ghost breath, voice and words and much more. Everything can be right or be wrong. Sensual play is a lusty journey of discovery.

Enter with your partners or alone. Bring ideas, toys and anything else that really turns you on. Take your time (but be on time). This workshop is about presence, exploration and breath.

This workshop is open for all gender and bodytypes. Reflect your priviledge which are connected to that topic before you enter the space.

Sensual, Consensual!

Emy Fem is a femme-identified, sex-positive performer, activist, workshop facilitator and sex-worker with a transitioning, transgendered body. She works with the topics of gender, body and sexualityin diverse ways. In bdsm and tantra, she create methods to get harmonize with her transition process, her transgendered body and the chosen persons around her.

She combines Tantra with bdsm-elements, to help realize others in the way her eyes and ears are not able to because of normative assumptions. She creates workshops about sexuality, gender, body and sex work.

7pm – 11pm. Central London Location. £40. Please email for more information or book your place here.

This workshop is open to everyone – any gender, orientation, experience level or relationship status. Couples and singles welcome. People with trauma around consent issues are advised to contact The School before the workshop to check on suitability.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Terms and conditions:

The fee must be paid in full for each workshop you wish to attend in order for us to hold a space for you. If you cancel with at least 4 weeks notice of the start of the workshop, we’ll refund the full amount or put it towards another workshop for you.  If you cancel with at least 3 weeks notice we’ll refund 50%. If you cancel with 2 weeks notice (or less) we will not be able to refund your payment. The half-price or early-bird rates are non-refundable and non-transferable. Thank you for your love, help and understanding with this. There are a few concessions available for each workshop, please email for more info.

Disclaimer: It is our loving intention to bring these workshops to you as planned above. However, due to life being what it is, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can occur and, well, things just have to flow with that. If a teacher is unable to offer their advertised course, we will offer an alternative subject and teacher for that day. You can either roll with it and attend the new workshop, or have your payment put towards a different workshop. Thanks for your love and understanding.