The School of Erotic Mysteries

Shadow Tantra Intensive in Ireland, October 2016


Are you ready to explore a wider spectrum of erotic expression but not really sure where to start?

Would you love to deepen trust, connection, communication and erotic creativity in your intimate relationships?

Would you like to explore your own wonderful, sacred, erotic shadow, expertly guided by one of the world’s top practitioners?

Whether you are a curious beginner or an experienced player, award-winning professional kinkster Seani Love from London’s ‘School of Erotic Mysteries’ invites you to join him and his team on a journey through depths and delights, magic and wonder, expansion and exploration, perhaps even pleasure and pain, using the breathtakingly wonderful approach we call ‘Shadow Tantra’.

Shadow Tantra helps us to expand our understanding of our bodies, our subconscious patterns, our sexualities and thus ourselves. With a strong emphasis on boundaries and consent, Shadow Tantra gives us a diverse set of tools that allow us to expand our sexuality, be more confident with our lovers and play partners, and become more empowered as self-aware erotic beings.

During this training you will learn about:
• The use of ritual and intention to create safe spaces;
• Boundary setting, consent and safety techniques;
• Deepening connection through tantric techniques and conscious touch;
• Giving and receiving pain and pleasure with intentional BDSM skills;
• Service, sovereignty and surrender;
• Eroticising the authentic dynamics of domination and submission (D/s);
• Giving, receiving and holding power;
• Darker options such as consensual non-consent;
• Erotic archetypes and ritual.

There will be an emphasis on putting all these things together for the purpose of journeying, exploring erotic sensations and deepening understanding.

The retreat will be paced gently and will include:

• A discussion on shadows, fantasies and the origin of the kinksters’ impulse;
• Discussions on why people would want to explore their erotic shadows and do things like inflict pain or have pain inflicted upon them;
• An ecstatic rite where we use all the BDSM and conscious kink techniques developed so far to facilitate deep and wonderful journeys for each other.



We’re returning to the beautiful Boghill Centre in Co. Clare (, where the staff are sensitive to the level of privacy needed for sexuality retreats like ours. Our play-room is a cosy and bright octagonal space with a beautiful wooden floor.

There’s a range of accommodation options to suit all preferences and budgets. The hostel rooms have just 2 or 3 bunk beds (one each – no need to double up) and shared bathrooms. There are also twin en-suite rooms (with space to push the beds together to make a double) and single rooms with ‘Jack and Jill’ en suites. There’s space in the small car park for a few hardy souls to put camper vans or tents and have use of the main hall toilets and showers.

Our bodies and souls will be nourished through catering by the talented Cathy O’Neill, with a variety of options at no extra cost (omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant, coeliac and dairy free – please enquire if you have other dietary needs).

** PRICE **

Fully inclusive of facilitation, accommodation, meals and refreshments.
Hostel 400 euro
Twin 490 euro per person
SIngle 520 euro
Camper van/own tent 350 euro per person
Secure your place by filling out this form ( and paying a non-refundable 50% deposit. Take 30 euro off the balance for payments received by the end of August.

Balance to be paid by end of September 2016.

If you need to cancel after this, fees are non-refundable unless somebody becomes available to take your space. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel, we’ll refund in full.

We are able to offer a small number of concessionary places for this retreat in exchange for a few hours of practical help over the weekend. If you would like to discuss this with us, please get in contact with Hazel ASAP (


Dates : Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th October

Times : Arrival from 5 pm, dinner 7.30 pm, first session 9 pm. Formal closing at the end of the sunday morning session and lunch at 2 pm. The space remains available to us for the rest of the day.

Airport transfers from Shannon : We’ve arranged a special rate with a local taxi service – 60 euro per journey for up to four passengers and their luggage. Allow at least an hour.

To create a safe space for this deep journey, all participants will be either known to us personally or recommended to us by a munch moderator, workshop leader or similar. This is a drug and alcohol free event – Seani will be showing us other wonderful ways to journey!

The group will be kept to a maximum of 30 participants.

This retreat is open to individuals and couples of all genders, sexualities and body types. No partner is required and everyone will have the opportunity to work with different people in order to enjoy a greater range of experiences. If you would like to come with a partner, you are completely welcome to work together for the whole time. We do not match genders in this workshop.

Note: If you have particular challenges around partnering please let us know in advance so we can accommodate.

This training is held in a safe, conscious and loving space. No removal of clothes is necessary but others may choose to do so and, in some instances, become very erotic with each other. All activities are optional. For the best experience you are invited to attend every session – if this doesn’t feel right for you, please check in with Seani or one of the assistants.

*For more information, please contact Hazel on


Seani Love is a professional Kinkster, Shadow Explorer and Shamanic BDSM practitioner who has twenty years of experience in diverse magical traditions and erotic practices. In 2015 he won the award of Sex Worker of the Year at the Sexual Freedom Awards in London.

He is trained in counselling and since 2006 has been working on combining ritual journeys with BDSM as a powerful pathway to healing and self-discovery. As an international workshop facilitator, Seani has supported many people on their journey to places of increased power, personal and sexual expression, wisdom and love.

He is one of the founders of the School of Erotic Mysteries, an organisation based in London with branches in Ireland and Melbourne offering up workshops on all things erotic and magical.
Assistants for the event are Rosie Heart, an amazing Urban Tantra graduate with many specialist skills in the arts of the erotic shadow and Hazel Newton, a creative space-holder who has trained with Seani and ISTA, amongst others. Another assistant will be confirmed when numbers require it.
For more information and to book your place please contact Hazel on

For more information and to book your place please contact Hazel on or pm us on facebook and ask to join our secret page.