Level Up: How to Become an Amazing Lover for Women


A six-week online journey

It’s Corona time! How can we make use of this period of isolation?

A 6 week online course hosted by Seani Love, Sex Worker of the Year 2015.

  • If you’re ready to deepen your skills around how to make a woman emotionally and sexually fulfilled, you’re in the right place.
  • If you want to learn how to be a powerful, safe and beautiful lover for women, then join me on this journey…
  • If you want to learn how to be more present for women, how to strengthen your exisiting relationships with women, how to create deeper connections with the women you love, then read on…


What do you get when you sign up?

  • A 6 week course
  • 24 hours of live video classes
  • Homework exercises
  • Email support throughout the duration of the course
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Option of a discount off future private training with Seani
  • Access to Seani Love’s wisdom
  • An exclusive club
  • Something meaningful to do during isolation!
  • A chance to level up
  • Guides to practical exercises
  • A whole new sex life


What will we explore?

We’re going to cover everything and this is going to help you no matter who you are. If you’re a lover of women, you will get something out of this!

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Creating deeper connection
  • Understanding non-verbal communication
  • Flirting, picking up, handling rejection gracefully
  • Consent and Boundaries
  • Meeting her body
  • Meeting her pussy
  • Making peace with your own body
  • Empowering yourself to meet her needs
  • and more

Structure of the course

  • This is a 6 week course
  • There will be 4 classes each week
  • Each class is 1 hour long for a total of 24 hours
  • There will also be a group forum where you’ll be able to discuss what has been taught that day.
  • Classes are taught by video. If you miss the video when it comes out, don’t worry, it will be available for later download.
  • The course will consist of knowledge lectures, theoretical concepts as well as video demonstrations.
  • There will be several practical exercises for you during the six weeks. These practices can help you become a better lover
  • The course will help most men become better lovers


If this sounds like something you would benefit from, if you’d like to learn how to be a better lover for your wife, girlfriend or future lovers then this course is just what you need and this is the perfect time to get this essential skills upgrade.

Sexual Freedom Award

About Seani:

Seani Love is professional Kinkster, Shadow Explorer and straight male sex worker. He’s been working as both a sex worker and sexuality educator since 2010. In 2015 Seani won the award of Sex Worker of the Year at the Sexual Freedom Awards in London. He’s trained in counselling and since 2006 has been working on combining ritual journeys with BDSM as a powerful pathway to healing and self-discovery. As an international workshop facilitator, Seani has supported many people on their journey to places of increased power, personal and sexual expression, wisdom and love.










Starting April 20th…

Limited concessions are available. If you wish to join but can’t afford the full price right now please email eroticmysteries@gmail.com and explain your situation.

The intention is to give approximately 20% of the profits of this course to various sex worker rights organisations. Many sex workers have suddenly found themselves out of work which can be devastating. As most sex workers are single mothers trying to feed their family, I want to be able to share any profits of this course with the rest of the sex worker and sex positive communities.

Refund Policy: 50% refund is possible only before the start of the course.


Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

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