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This content is gold. If you are a lover of women, and especially if you are a man, it is our firm belief that this course is essential to you, now more than ever.
And here’s why: 
After working with 100’s of people from across the world, from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds that have relationships with women – we have noticed one thing: that many of these people have a deep, and often unmet desire to satisfy and connect deeply with the women in their lives. 
This desire and longing often seems to fall short because many simply don’t know how to be an amazing lover, one that satisfies their partners on every level – emotionally, physically, intimately and of course sexually.
If you’re a person who loves women, how much better would your life be if you knew how to meet your partner(s) on all of these levels, and if your deep connection to the women in your life wasn’t just a stroke of luck that you got right by chance?
We know that countless women have had their boundaries crossed multiple times. A huge amount of this is due to all of us having poor sex education and communication skills. A course like Level Up is absolutely necessary to help ensure this never happens again.
If you want to be a better, safer, more emotionally-connected lover of women (and potentially some non-binary folk), read on…
*Before reading on, please note that this course was designed with cisgendered men that love women in mind, but that does not mean that the content here is not applicable to some queer folk, bisexual people and other humans too. We are aware that some of the discussions we have are centred around experiences within the gender binary, but foundational knowledge and awareness of LGBTQ+ and feminism are discussed throughout with personal experience from queer facilitators.*

 Course price: £195




If you’re ready to:

  • Deepen your skills around how you can be better at helping women feel more emotionally and sexually fulfilled
  • Learn how to be a powerful, safe and beautiful lover for women
  • Be more present for women so your existing relationships with women are stronger, more intimate, more loving
  • Create deeper connections with the women you love
Then ‘Level Up – How to become an amazing lover of women’  is for you.


What do you get when you sign up?

  • An online course for you to access and go through at your own pace
  • 12 hours of video classes
  • Homework exercises
  • Email support throughout the duration of the course
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Access to the wisdom of a superb team of sexuality practitioners
  • A chance to level up your love life
  • Guides to practical exercises
  • Dozens of wonderful skills in the realm of relationships, communication and sexuality


Structure of the course

To see the full course curriculum, click here.

This course is priced at £397 but our introductory price is £247 for the month of August. Secure your place now.



More you say?!

When signing onto Level Up you also get…
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community containing discussion and resources
  • PDF copy of Seani Love’s book ‘Conscious Kink Saves the World’




If this sounds like something you would benefit from, if you’d like to learn how to be a better lover for your wife, girlfriend or future lovers then this course is just what you need and this is the perfect time to get this essential skills upgrade.

Course Price: £195



About Seani:

Seani Love is professional Kinkster, Shadow Explorer and straight male sex worker. He’s been working as both a sex worker and sexuality educator since 2010. In 2015 Seani won the award of Sex Worker of the Year at the Sexual Freedom Awards in London. He’s trained in counselling and since 2006 has been working on combining ritual journeys with BDSM as a powerful pathway to healing and self-discovery. As an international workshop facilitator, Seani has supported many people on their journey to places of increased power, personal and sexual expression, wisdom and love.


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