The School of Erotic Mysteries


  • Who is this course for?
    We are specifically designing this course for people raised as men who are attracted to women. We all know there is a lot for men to learn about their own emotions, their sexual bodies, consent and boundaries, female anatomy and so the course is designed with this target in mind. However, anyone who wishes to do the course may enrol.


  • Can LGBTQ people enrol in this course?
    The course is structured so it will be of maximum benefit to cisgender men (ie. men with cocks) who love cisgender women (ie. women with pussies). We will talk about mastery of the cock and male-based sexual energy; we’ll also talk about our lover’s anatomy – vulva, vaginas, cervixes and more. We know a lot of men would benefit greatly from this information and from these skills and it’s for these men that this course was originally designed. The course also covers many essential topics that are free of gender and free of anatomy such as as consent and boundaries, conscious touch, introducing kink, flirting, making peace with lust, erotic massage and more. If you are a woman and/or an LGBTQ+ person who would benefit from these skills, you are absolutely welcome to join us.


  • I would love to do this course but it’s outside of my budget. Is there any arrangement I can make?
    Yes, we would love to have you on the course. Please email to discuss possible arrangements.