The School of Erotic Mysteries

You’ve learned the arts of Conscious Kink and you want to go even deeper into the mysteries of the Erotic Shadow? The Shadow Tantra Practitioner course takes you on a life-changing journey into power, love and self-discovery.

This course is for people who already have widespread Conscious Kink and BDSM skills (such as having already completed our Conscious Kink Practitioner course) and who wish to go deeper in, learn more about themselves and really up their game as practitioners of these beautiful arts.

Kink can be an amazing tool for personal growth, erotic connection and deep, beautiful intimacy and Shadow Tantra takes you even deeper. This 6 session course is designed to give you all the skills you need to explore kink with lovers, partners and clients and will have a strong focus of personally integrating your own shadow. This will suit both private individuals and practitioners alike and is for anyone who is competent with kink and BDSM and really wishes to be a powerful practitioner.


The 6 session course covers:

  • Emotional, physical and sexual safety
  • Navigating consent and boundaries
  • Holding space and allowing emotion
  • Mapping the human body
  • Impact Play in its many guises
  • Exploring our own erotic shadow
  • Techniques for integrating our (and our clients) erotic shadows
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Different styles of Consensual Non-Consent
  • Forced-Sex fantasies
  • Shadow Sexuality as a tool for healing
  • Discussion on sex work and the law
  • How to construct personalised client rituals
  • The use of ordeal in Conscious Kink sessions
  • Marketing and getting started
  • Optional: There are several optional ways you can personally this course. There are so many different kinks and aspect of shadow sexuality that we might choose to explore. The School will do its  best to accommodate the conscious exploration of all legal kinks so that you can learn and practice skills that speak most profoundly to you.

A certificate of completion is awarded by the School of Erotic Mysteries after successful completion.  This course will give you some essential, powerful skills for deepening your practice in the sex industry as a practitioner and for taking people on beautiful, powerful erotic journeys into healing, pleasure and self-knowledge.

The above syllabus spans:

  • 6 sessions lasting 3 hours each in our studio in East London.
  • An assistant is present for 4 of these sessions to practice on.
  • 5 Skype sessions during the course
  • one follow-up Skype for checking in.

Small print

This course is done at your own pace in our studio in East London. There will be an assistant in the room for 4 of the sessions so we can practice our skills.  Boundaries are respected and nurtured at all times. The 6 sessions must be completed within a 12 month period at a pace that suits you.

The course includes all materials, assistants, venue hire and equipment needed.


A certificate is awarded upon the completion of this course. Contact us to book your place, or with any questions you have.


(Picture by Jo Tabe)