The School of Erotic Mysteries

September 10

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We are very excited to present this amazing workshop by Sex Witch: a magical duo from Melbourne (Australia) who will take us on a deep dive into ecstatic ritual and energy work.

During this workshop we will explore:

– The alchemy of ritual and opening doorways

– An activation of our sensual and sexual energy bodies

– Practices that deepen your intuition and awareness

– A cultivation of your sexual power and connection to deeper pleasure in the body

– Sex Magick Practices and experiential rituals

– An understanding of how to use archetypes in initiating self and others

-How to create ecstatic states

The workshop is for all genders and sexual orientations. The weekend will be a hands-on experiential workshop for beginners or advanced practitioners. The weekend includes a Temple Play Space on the Saturday evening.

This is a space where sex and spirit merge and where curiosity of the unknown is beckoned.

What Is Sex Witch?

Sex Witch is a movement of humans of all genders, sexual orientations and expressions.

We have a vision of reigniting the mystical arts and the alchemy of sex magick.

We believe in the power of the natural world, we are wilderness.

We don’t subscribe to dogma in any form.

We believe in ritual, intention and irreverence.

We make our own rules and encourage individual freedom of expression and wisdom.

We believe that as humans our potential to transform, grow and empower is infinite.

We believe that harnessing our sexual power and energy is key to this awakening.

We wish for people to live through the power of enchantment and curiosity.

To reawaken the eyes of the child within,

and feel deeply alive.

To flirt with the unknown.

To feel what moves within and around us.

To lift the veils between worlds,

and between each other.

Sex Witch is accessible for all people who desire a deeper connection with themselves, with their sexual power and creative gifts.

We believe sex and magick are an inseparable force.

Magickal traditions have often denied sexual power,

but magick without sex is a diminished energy,

and sex without magick skims the surface of pure potency.

What others say

“Sex Witch was where I could consciously own, take responsibility and unapologetically connect with the ‘woman that knows’ (witch) part of me. It was a powerful and freeing launch into my natural sexual energy and flow, harnessing a force that has been with me all my life. Winter’s holding of space and her knowing alongside Shaney wove a strong and luscious web on which we could climb and acrobat as high and far into the work as we wished. I felt exhilarated to meet parts of myself that were so very ripe to become powerfully visible. I felt absolutely surrendered and connected to Source, the cosmos and all the infinite realms of roaring wild wise and ancient knowings. This is a place to come and midwife your coming home to yourself though deep ritual, intention and Spirit.” Yvonne

“Isn’t it funny how the parts of ourselves that most frighten us are, ultimately, the most empowering? Sex witch is not the pretty, quaint, rose-quartz gathering; rather a wild, unapologetic, black obsidian powerhouse that will give you the opportunity to reclaim the power we’re so often told to hide. Reawaken your sexuality and the magic it can put in your life when you wield it honestly and with full integrity. Our day at the first sex witch initiation left me feeling shaken, but rebalanced – blown open, but more liberated. This is monumental work and thank the stars that it’s Winter & Shaney who hold the space; no matter how intense the day got, I had full trust in these women to guide and support us. If you’ve been feeling stagnant, cowed, trapped in the good-girl obedience model, come to sex witch and break the fuck out of it. In the end, this work is only for the courageous. Are you?” Naomi

Presented By Winter Jade Icely and Shaney Marie

Winter found her witchy path as a child hearing and seeing spirit, finding delight in the darkness. She has facilitated workshops and retreats on the magical arts, feminine mysteries and sacred sexuality. Winter is a qualified social worker and holistic counsellor, she has worked as a Senior Practitioner with men, women and children who have experienced trauma. Winter is a published writer and one half of the dance duo Roar Temptress. She values shame free wildness and unapologetic pleasure.

A ritual addict, an alter devotee and inspired by the magic of sexuality, Shaney is a sacred sexuality mentor, group facilitator and visionary in the realm of empowered sexuality. Shaney combines tantra sexuality, embodiment, witchcraft and ritual magic to open people to their deepest sensitivity and personal power. A double leo, animal worshiper and lover of mid night adventures, Shaney is a leader in bringing sacred sex magic to everyday people. With 9 years experience in the erotic dance industry, Shaney became inspired by the approach of sacred sexuality teachings after recognizing an emptiness in the mainstream expressions of sexuality.

The School of Erotic Mysteries is a conscious, juicy, heartfelt collaboration between some of London’s finest erotic and spiritual teachers and currently overseen by Seani Love. We have combined our passions and interests to bring you all new possibilities to explore conscious and magical sexual processes via a series of workshops and events.


The workshop will take place in a beautiful location in Utrecht (NL). It runs on Sunday September 10 from 13.30 to 19.30 (doors open at 13.00).

Tickets are available at 85 Euro (Early Bird)/ 95 Euro (regular price). Early Bird tickets are available until July 21. Tickets will go on sale on Sunday April 16 at 10.00 am (GMT) HERE.

A limited number of concessionary places are available at this workshop. Please get in contact if you wish to discuss concession options.

For any questions, please get in touch with Rosie:

“…yes I understand your spells—your sex magic—at least, I know this: all lights dim when you walk in…”
― John Geddes, A Familiar Rain