The School of Erotic Mysteries

Weds 30 Nov (11am) – Sun 4 Dec (7pm)

Venue: (Private retreat center – 1 hr from Melbourne)
We are very excited to be welcoming UK-based Conscious Kink expert Seani Love back to Melbourne in November 2016! He has taught many workshops here over the past 5 years and his work as a teacher and practitioner of the erotic shadows has now reached international acclaim.
At Seani’s workshops in Australia people have often asked about the possibility of him running a professional-level training. There are many who want to bring more kink, consciousness and erotic ritual into their professional work and also individuals who want to deeply expand their personal intimacy through becoming highly skilled at these arts.
We are very excited to be hosting Seani’s 5-day Practitioner training in Victoria later this year. (Nov 30th – Dec 4th) This is the first time it will be run outside Europe, and those who complete the course will be awarded a certificate from the School Of Erotic Mysteries (London).
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There’s also an Intro evening happening on Weds Nov 9th at Pulse Studios in Brunswick.

About Seani Love

Seani has been teaching erotic ritual techniques to clients, private groups, couples and workshops for many years. An expert in this unique field, Seani received the prestigious industry award ‘Sex Worker of the Year’ in London in November 2015.

His work combines ritual techniques, Conscious Kink, Neo-Tantra, Jungian Psychology, and theatre skills. Enabling him to take his clients on profound journeys into their inner worlds and helping them find power, wisdom, love, and pleasure within themselves.

Rosie Heart ( is a sexuality professional who specialises in taking her clients on powerful erotic journeys of pleasure and self-discovery. She is a graduate of both the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program by Barbara Carrellas and the Temple Whore program by the London School of Erotic Mysteries. She will be assisting Seani during this training, as well as sharing her expertise.



*** Do I need to attend with a partner? ***
No. You can come on your own and explore techniques with the many other wonderful people in attendance.
(All boundaries are honored and great communication coached and supported.)
But you can also attend with a partner if you wish to. If so we encourage people to mix and match during as many activities as you feel comfortable to – but feel free to reserve the major exercises for each other.
*** This is all very new to me. Will I be out of my depth? ***
To be suitable to attend the workshop, we’ll assume you are comfortable in ‘Sex Positive’ spaces. This might be because you do such things (in Kink, Shamanic Tantra trainings etc) already and are comfortable with them. Or you are generally just easy with such things.
(If in doubt please email us on to discuss your concerns.)
*** What exactly is a ‘practitioner’? ***
Someone who practices Conscious Kink and/or explores the wonders of Shadow Tantra in an empowered, informed and responsible way. We are aiming this workshop at both professionals, and at those who wish to dive deep into the mysteries of Shadow Tantra and Conscious Kink in their personal/relational lives.
*** Who specifically is this training for? ***
This training is for two groups of people:
i) Those who want to work with Shadow Tantra and Conscious Kink within the sex industry. We will be diving deep into the mysteries to do with creating specialised sessions for each other.
However, sexuality professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and so we’ll be starting at the beginning before diving deep. Which means that this training is also suitable for:
ii) People who are serious about exploring their erotic shadows in conscious, empowered, intentional spaces as part of their own intimate lives. For pleasure, self-discovery or deep personal evolution and expression. Never underestimate the potency of the adventures you can go on if you bring clarity, intent, frameworks, and conscious agreements into the bedroom (or wherever else you like to play)!
____Training Fees____
Food and accommodation is $450 for small comfortable bunk rooms and full professional catering.
This is therefore the amount we request as a Non-Refundable Deposit.Once the deposit is made we will contact you to arrange details for the remainder of your payment. At least two thirds of the total cost must be paid by 31st October, and the remainder by (or on) the first day of the course.The Training itself is priced in three tiers:
* Super-Earlybird (“I’m In!!!”) Fee: $750 (Deposit made by 31st August if available) [Total Cost: $1200]
* Regular Earlybird (“Let’s Do This!”) Fee: $900 (Deposit made by 30th Sept) [Total Cost: $1350]
* Standard (“Need time to decide”) Fee: $1075 (Deposit made after 30th Sept – while spaces remain)[Total Cost: $1500]