The School of Erotic Mysteries

with Laura-Doe

Sunday, December 13th

maximum 16 people (8 pairs)
£150 for the day per pair
£120 early bird for the day per pair (Sorry now sold out)

Tickets available now

Covent Garden, London

Absolutely Vulvalicious with Laura-Doe
The School of Erotic Mysteries is delighted to present Laura-Doe’s next UK workshop: Absolutely Vulvalicious. This is a one-day workshop is for people with vulvas and those who love them, a glorious opportunity to get to really understand the elegant design of female arousal anatomy from a passionate and entertaining expert.

We are sadly undereducated about the amazing structures that create pleasure and arousal in the female body. In an attempt to profit from a ‘cure’ pharmaceutical companies have introduced a ‘disease’ called female sexual dysfunction. For many people, however, it is simply good information about female sexual function that is missing.

Absolutely Vulvalicious® provides an entertaining and informative romp through the awesome hot spots of vulva anatomy and arousal… and beyond. Using the yOniversity’s sumptuous and anatomically accurate Vulvalicious® Cushions you’ll be invited to (literally) get to grips with the amazing anatomy of the vulva and to learn and practice a vulvalicious massage that, to paraphrase Annie Sprinkle, ‘will satisfy any vulva owner to their core’.
This is a partnered workshop and you will stay with your partner the whole day. At least one partner in each pair should have a vulva for the second half of the day. Single people looking for a partner can email us on and we’ll try to match you together.

Everything you need for the day will be supplied by the School. We look forward to welcoming you.

About Laura-Doe

Laura-Doe is a pleasure coach, comedienne, singer/songwriter, writer, an international educator and sexual health activist. Nineteen years ago she created the web site

The site brought vulva puppets into her world which began tell jokes and even burst into song! The comic cabaret ‘Vaudeville of the Vulva’ was born: educational entertainment to tickle the taboos.

Inspired by the vision to ‘create more love in the world, one orgasmic woman at a time’ Laura-Doe opened The yOniversity, offering a juicy program of courses for both yOni owners and yOni lovers.

Her most recent creation is a group-breaking documentary, The Art & Science of Female Arousal. Designed to spread the news further than she can in person, about the amazing structures, systems and pathways responsible for arousal in vulva owning people, this movie contains a wealth of cutting edge scientific information, interspersed with comic sketches, practical exercises and catchy songs.

Laura-Doe is a professional member of the of the SSEAA and the ASCSB

Terms and Conditions
maximum 16 people (8 pairs)
£150 for the day per pair
£120 early bird for the day per pair (Sorry now sold out)

This workshop is open to everyone – any gender, orientation, experience level or relationship status. Couples and singles welcome. People with trauma around consent issues are advised to contact The School before the workshop to check on suitability.

To find out more or book your place, please email The School at or book your ticket now

We look forward to welcoming you!

Terms and conditions:

The fee must be paid in full for each workshop you wish to attend in order for us to hold a space for you. If you cancel with at least 4 weeks notice of the start of the workshop, we’ll refund the full amount or put it towards another workshop for you.  If you cancel with at least 3 weeks notice we’ll refund 50%. If you cancel with 2 weeks notice (or less) we will not be able to refund your payment. The half-price or early-bird rates are non-refundable and non-transferable. Thank you for your love, help and understanding with this. There are a few concessions available for each workshop, please email for more info.

Disclaimer: It is our loving intention to bring these workshops to you as planned above. However, due to life being what it is, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can occur and, well, things just have to flow with that. If a teacher is unable to offer their advertised course, we will offer an alternative subject and teacher for that day. You can either roll with it and attend the new workshop, or have your payment put towards a different workshop. Thanks for your love and understanding.