The School of Erotic Mysteries

August 27 2017

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It is with much joy that we announce that our very own Rosie Enorah Heart will be presenting “Getting Conscious with Kink – The Women’s Edition”.

This very special event is a safely held space for all those beautiful souls who identify as women to explore the yummy possibilities of Conscious Kink.

What is Conscious Kink?

Conscious Kink helps us expand our understanding of our bodies, our subconscious patterns, our sexualities and thus ourselves. With a strong emphasis on boundaries and consent, Conscious Kink gives us a diverse set of tools that allow us to expand our sexuality, be more confident with our lovers and play partners, and become more empowered as self-aware erotic beings.

During this workshop we will explore tools such as impact play, conscious touch, breathe work, holding space, and role play. While playing with these tools, we will slowly discover our own likes and dislikes, desires and boundaries, and ways to communicate about that.

While this is a space for people who identify as women, this event is not specifically focussed on practices such as femme-domming. You are welcome to explore your kinks and desires in any (consent-based) style you like, including (but certainly not limited to) femme-domme.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is open to individuals (and couples/triads/other constellations) who identify as women, of all sexualities, backgrounds, and body types.

While this is a gendered workshop, we would like to make it explicit that we warmly welcome trans, queer and cis women in this space. If you feel this workshop is for you, it most likely is. Contact Rosie ( if you have any questions.

If this does not feel like the right space for you, the School of Erotic Mysteries organises many events that are open to all genders. Click HERE for a full list of our events.

No partner is required and everyone will have the opportunity to work with different people in order to enjoy a greater range of experiences. If you would like to come with a partner (or partners), you are completely welcome to work together for the whole workshop.

No removal of clothes is necessary for this workshop, but others may choose to do so and in some instances become very erotic with each other. You do not have to be attracted to people who identify as women to get a powerful experience during this workshop. All activities are optional, and a lot of attention will be given to feeling into and respecting your own and others’ boundaries.

Safer sex protocols will be followed and equipment supplied.

For questions, please email


Rosie Enorah Heart is an Utrecht-based sexuality professional and sex educator. She specialises in taking her clients and workshop groups on powerful erotic journeys of pleasure and self-discovery.

She has a lot of experience in working with trans, queer and cis people, both in her private practice and in workshop settings. She has an inclusive approach to sexuality and tantra.

Her training includes the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program by Barbara Carrellas and the Temple Whore and Conscious Kink Practitioner Trainings by the London School of Erotic Mysteries.

She is now one of the main teachers at our school, traveling far and wide co-teaching with school founder Seani Love.


The workshop will take place in a wonderful location in Finsbury Park, London. It runs on Sunday August 27 from 10.00 to 18.00.

Tickets are available at 65 gbp (early bird)/75 gbp (full price). Early bird tickets are available until August 1. To book your place, please click HERE.

A limited number of concessionary places are available at this workshop. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss concession options.

In order to be able to give each participant the attention they need through their process during the workshop, we have decided to keep the group small, with a maximum of 24 participants.

For any questions, please get in touch with Rosie:, or check our facebook event.