Berlin: Shadow Tantrika Practitioner Training 2020 FAQ


What’s the difference between this and the previous practitioner training?

The previous workshop (Temple Whore) essentially had 2 elements that you were introduced to:

  • The complete session cycle (negotiation / safety / altered spaces / archetypes / safe landings) 
  • Several wonderful techniques we can use to access the altered spaces mentioned above (impact play, con non con, D/s, Tantra massage etc)


The next workshop (Shadow Tantrika) will recap the essential parts of this and then will put emphasis on the archetypal journey. This includes very accessible bits like role play and personas but also goes deeper into things like expanding your repertoire of archetypes and allowing your clients to access archetypes of their own. The whole cycle here is to bring forth the erotic shadow into a place of power, healing and self-love and we go way beyond simple technique practices.


For this level 2, we have a strict application process for attendees and ensure everyone is at a suitable skill level. This really is only for advanced students.


What Shall I wear?

There is no dress code at this workshop but it’s certainly best to wear something clean and fresh. Wearing fun clothes can be good too – so some people like to dress in a way that highlights their Eros and makes them feel good. If you are looking for a general rule, I’d just wear something comfortable and easy to move in.


I’m a single man, can I come on my own?

Yes, absolutely! We are not doing a gender balanced workshop which means we’re not going to be strict in the pairings in the exercises and it wouldn’t be fair to guarantee a partner of a particular gender in each exercise. That’s just not how it works.. Having said all that, it is usually about 60% women and 40% men who come to these workshops and we’re bound to have a good time. You are very welcome to come as a single man.


Please explain what the exercises are.

The exercises are specially formulated to maximise safety and connection first and foremost with yourself then with the other participants in the room. Seani is an expert at reading what a room needs and doesn’t give a play-by-play of what is going to happen. Indeed, the exact exercises are subject to change depending on what the room needs in each moment. Having said that, we will certainly be starting with exercises that ensure everyone in the room is empowered enough to communicate their consent and express our boundaries. That’s the most important thing. We’ll also be exploring powerful ways of holding each other so that we all feel safe when we start to ‘surrender’ in certain activities. There will almost certainly be impact play of some kind which is a consent-driven powerful way to explore many kinks. Most importantly, there will be some exercises that enable us all to access Eros within and thereby step into our own power.

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