The School of Erotic Mysteries

A 6 day certificated training with Seani Love, and his wonderful team from The School of Erotic Mysteries in September 17-22, 2019.

The Temple Whore is that beautiful spirit that holds us as we hold space for others. It is the godform that we work with when we take others on journeys into their own erotic inner worlds. The Temple Whore is at once Witch, Whore, Priestess and Priest; the Temple Whore can be Seductress, Healer, Gigolo or Beast. We learn to access different archetypes within us so we can serve people as required in each moment.

The Temple Whore in this context can be very sexual in a very hands-on way. So before we begin to really uncover how we might work with this archetype, we’ll spend some time ensuring we have an agreed upon language around consent and boundaries. Personal bodily autonomy is of paramount importance here. It’s only when we know our bodies and hearts are completely safe that we can really start to surrender.

And surrender we shall….

This work is deeply transformative and will facilitate a powerful journey inwards as we awaken that part of ourselves that wishes to (and is capable of) serving others in an erotic context whilst still always nurturing our own boundaries. It is about exploring a powerful set of techniques that facilitate us being open to the Mystery/Divine/Spirit and serving each other at the same time. It is both a powerful journey within and a set of techniques for taking others on such journeys.

This 6 day Temple Whore training is essential for those who wish to work in the fields of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality including Tantrikas, Dakas and Dakinis, those who already work in these fields and are committed to their own continuing professional development, and others who wish to live with full integration of the sexual mysteries in their day to day lives.

The training includes:

· Guided visualisation techniques used to meet and ‘converse’ with the archetypes and the mystery. Learning how to guide your clients on these journeys.
· Exploring different methods of exploring erotic connection while connected to the Temple Whore
· Powerful communication techniques for negotiating consent and exploring our own personal boundaries. Learning how to empower our clients with their own boundaries
· Learning different techniques for holding space for others and exploring how holding space can allow people to surrender deeply to transformational and healing processes
· Conversations about sexual health, defining archetypes, exploring godforms, altered states of consciousness and the meaning of ‘Temple Whore’
· Some beautiful elements of Conscious Kink
We’ll explore the complete structure of an Erotic Ritual Session as taught by The School of Erotic Mysteries. This session structure facilitates powerful transformational spaces allowing healing, empowerment, bliss and a reclaiming of our own sexuality. It’s to this structure that Seani gives thanks for his many successes. You’re going to embrace this sacred erotic ritual structure if you want to facilitate the most powerful erotic journeys for your future clients ♥

Successful candidates who complete the training will be awarded a certificate from the School of Erotic Mysteries.

This workshop is open to people of all genders and relationship styles; there is no gender-pairing during this workshop. People may choose to come with a partner and do all of the exercises with their chosen one or you may choose to come along and engage with a beautiful selection of other amazing souls.

This is an intensive training and we expect to host many breakthrough moments for people on the journey of self-discovery.

Whilst we expect a high erotic content, all of your personal boundaries will be honoured and nurtured at all times.

Seani Love ( has been exploring and teaching erotic ritual techniques to clients, private groups, couples and workshops for over twenty years. An expert in this unique field, Seani received the prestigious industry award ‘Sex Worker of the Year’ in London in November 2015. His work combines ritual techniques, Conscious Kink, Neo-Tantra, Jungian Psychology, and theatre skills. His work enables him to take his clients on profound journeys into their inner worlds and helping them find power, wisdom, love, and pleasure within themselves.

Together with his team, Seani travels the globe creating beautiful and powerful spaces for professional and non-professional people to safely explore the depths of their sexuality.

Details of the specific team members will be added closer to the time.

This is a practitioner training programme. To join us you will have already been on a journey towards personal development including reclaiming your sexuality and are now ready for the next big step. Many who complete this programme go on to become professionals in their own right. The goal of this workshop is to help people deepen their existing practice and thus is not suitable for beginners.


The week will take place at the beautiful venue ‘Spitzmühle Berlin’.
Neue Spitzmühle
Spitzmühlenweg 2
15344 Strausberg
About an hour from Berlin

17th- 22nd of September 2019
Arrival time on the 17th: between 2-4pm
Opening Circle 4.30 pm
Dinner 6.30pm 
Departure on the 22nd: After lunch

Sliding Scale from 670€-510€ (Early Bird)
From 1st of July 670-570€
We are trying to make this workshop accessible to all and so we’ll be using a sliding scale on the ticket price. Decide yourself how much you can and want to pay for your ticket.
Ticket includes workshop, vegan/vegetarian organic food prepared 3 times a day, sauna, hot tub and access to the beautiful lake.

ROOM OPTIONS 5 nights 
Shared Group Bedroom 120€
Double Room 210€
Single Room 268€ (There are only 5!)

Step 1: All participants are to register their details including past experience using this document:

Step 2: Email event organiser Cosima Siegling for payment details at

7 Days after registering – pay 100€ non-refundable deposit
1st of August full payment

15th of August: 70% refund* – pay 30% of ticket price
1st of September: 50% refund* – pay 50% of ticket price
10th of September: no refunds* – pay full ticket price 

*transfers to other applicants are possible

If you have any questions from logistics to payment to content about the workshop, email

We look forward to welcoming you ♥



“Seani is a world expert in all our shadow sexualities. He and his crew provide a safe and supportive space to explore all sides of sexuality. I have participated in his fascinating week-long exploration of conscious kink as well as in a couple of private sessions and in Seani I have discovered a loveable bear of a man that is full of compassion for his fellow human beings, profound understanding and self-deprecating humility.”

“A friendly journey into adventure, connection and growth. I felt honoured, safe and encouraged at all times through this special week, and I had fun, healed, and bonded with some special mentors who I know will support me to grow. I feel confident I’ll get there, and I feel centred. Thank you all for your teachings and space holding and for the truly welcoming environment.”

“Seani is an amazing facilitator – best I’ve worked with really”

“I loved the relaxed style Seani has which helps people be at ease”