The School of Erotic Mysteries

Consensual Non-Consent Masterclass

May 24th, 2020. 7-10pm (UK time)


This 3 hour masterclass comes with a trigger warning: we will be talking about people crossing each other’s boundaries in ways that can appear to be non-consensual, violent and traumatising. We will be exploring “forced sex” and rape fantasies and naturally this is not for everybody.

Many people of all genders fantasise about being forced into various sexual scenarios against their will. Nobody really wants this to happen and yet the fantasy remains strong for many of us. Others still fantasise about forcing others into non-consensual sex acts. We assume none of our friends actually want to cross anyone’s boundaries and yet the fantasy remains.

Tonight we will find some safe and powerful ways to explore these darker sexual fantasies and we will explore both the physical and psychological aspects of these practices.

For some people consensual non-consent is a light-hearted frivolous play-scene. For others, it’s a beautiful and high-charged violent erotic activity. Others still have such a strong pull towards this fantasy that they have erotic charge without enacting them.

Many people also experience trauma around the issue of non-consent and we will look at how some people use consensual non-consent as an act of personal healing and empowerment.

This workshop will be taught by Seani Love and Keli Mara from the School of Erotic Mysteries.

Why is forced sex such a powerfully charged fantasy? How can we surrender to the forced sex fantasy without actually crossing anyone’s boundaries? Can such powerful surrender lead to any kind of spiritual growth? What can people with trauma do to open up the healing process? Most importantly, how can consensual non-consent be explored safely?

This workshop is open to everyone – any gender, orientation, experience level or relationship status. Couples and singles welcome. People with trauma around consent issues are advised to contact The School before the workshop to check on suitability.

This masterclass will be taught online using Zoom and is limited to 16 attendees (16 couples or individuals). We will spend some time exploring the practical aspects of consensual non-consent and some of the 3 hour class will be dedicated to exploring the techniques we’ll be teaching.


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