The School of Erotic Mysteries

Sacred Pain

Sunday June 14th, 6pm-9pm (UK time)



This masterclass comes with a content trigger warning: You will witness people consensually inflicting pain on each other on screen in erotic context. 


This 3 hour masterclass is for you if you ever wondered:

  • Why do some people want to experience pain, especially in an erotic context? 
  • When is pain good? Why would someone want you to “hurt them”? 
  • Why would you want to inflict pain on someone else?
  • Can receiving pain actually be healing? How so?
  • How do I communicate with my partner that I’d like to explore pain in an erotic context?
  • How can I explore pain in a safe and beautiful way?
  • Am I a sadist or masochist and is that okay?
  • How do I create a conscious and erotic space to explore this with a partner?


Join Seani Love and Emerald May for a 3 hour journey into the wonders of impact play, sensation play and sacred pain as we demonstrate the joys and wonders, delights and challenges of this sometimes erotic and often misunderstood way of deep interpersonal and transpersonal connection.


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We will learn the how and why of sacred pain, including where it’s safe to do impact play and the tools and methods of using pain for sacred purposes. 

We will demonstrate the beautiful ways to create an embodied erotic ritual to support the playful, nourishing and healing aspects of sacred pain. 


This workshop will be taught by Seani Love and Emerald May from the School of Erotic Mysteries.

This Masterclass is open to everyone – all genders, orientation, experience level or relationship status are welcome. Trigger warning: this is a workshop about impact play and other forms of physical pain demonstrated in an intentional context. People who knowingly have trauma are advised to contact The School of Erotic Mysteries before purchasing a ticket.


This masterclass will be taught online using Zoom and is limited to 20 attendees (20 couples or individuals). We will spend some time teaching techniques on how to create a space with intention, purpose and presence. During the workshop you will be invited to witness embodied experiences of a sacred pain ritual.  We will send Zoom details out closer to the event.


Tickets available here now:





Tickets available here now: