The School of Erotic Mysteries

November 9-10, 2019

The Invitation:

The dance between Sex, Death and Rebirth is as imminent as it is eternal. Reincarnation is perceived by many to be a part of that beautiful cycle. During this workshop we’ll have a chance to re-incarnate and consciously recreate ourselves through ritual and embodied practices.

In this 2-day event we will experience all three of these powerful forces, learn how they affect us as individuals, attempt to befriend them and open a deep personal relationship with them. Some might say these are the forces that most influence our lives. Isn’t it time we brought them more into consciousness? After all we can only become whole by accepting ALL our parts.

Who are you beyond your conditioning and rules you learned?

How would your life look if you were completely free?

What would you let go and what would you manifest, if you could?

How would you express your pleasure and sexuality?

During this workshop we will:

  • Confront the inevitability of our own Death and increase our readiness for our own unknown departure date.
  • Explore how the powerful relationship between sex and death affects our daily lives.
  • Create a powerful and safe container in which we’ll explore the drives towards Sex, Death and Recreation.
  • Create our own Death, Sex and Rebirth rituals allowing us to gain deep understanding of our own natures and life choices. A chance to make deep inner world changes.

Seani and Sanya developed and led this ritual at Xplore Berlin earlier this year and it was so well received that they have decided to do this longer version spread over 2 days.

Testimonials from previous participants:

“I loved Seani & Sanya’s incredible, unique capacity and skill to hold the space, which felt deeply sacred, safe and nourishing.” 

“I loved the trust, respect & permission giving and the playful style that also provides so much love, care & holding” 

“It’s delicious! Sanya and Seani will take you safely to amazing and deep spaces where you will find power” 

“Brilliant facilitators. I felt safe and held throughout the workshop. Loved the play party! Felt free to unleash all my inhibitions. I loved being able to express myself.” 

“I loved Seani & Sanya’s incredible, unique capacity and skill to hold the space, which felt deeply sacred, safe and nourishing.”


  • There is an erotic content to this work which you can engage with as much as you wish to. There is never any obligation to exchange erotic touch with anyone else but this can of course be a powerful thing to do.
  • Some of the erotic components of this work involve the techniques we learn from the practices of Conscious Kink.
  • We will create a safe container and find a common language for consent and boundaries at the beginning of our two day journey. Personal boundaries are maintained and honoured at all times.
  • To attend this event you must have attended a previous School of Erotic Mysteries event or equivalent. If in doubt please contact the organizers.
  • This workshop will take place over the dates of November 9 and 10 at the wonderful Spitzmühle in the nature of Berlin.
  • Arriving time will be friday the 8.9. from 5pm and we’ll work on saturday from 10am-8pm and sunday from 10am-5pm so that you have enough time to travel home. Both days with a 2h lunch break in the middle of the day.

Tickets available here!

The ticket price includes: 

  • attending all of the workshop
  • the amazing Spitzmühle venue
  • accommodation in single or double rooms depending on the ticket you choose
  • accommodation from the 8th – we will all arrive on the 8th for social time before the workshops on the weekend!
  • dinner on friday, three vegetarian meals on saturday and two on sunday
  • sauna and lake :)

About Sanya Alaya:

Sanya Alaya is a Berlin based Sexual Empowerment Coach, Tantric Bodyworker, Somatic Sexologist (in training) and Pleasure Activist.

She started to explore the world of conscious kink and bdsm twelve years ago by diving deep into her own desires, needs, shadows and boundaries.

Her heart mission is to support men and women to overcome their traumas, fears and shame that hold them back from living a powerful, sensual and loving life.

She is all about bringing people back to pleasure and empowers her clients since more than two years to love themselves and their bodies, unravel conditioning and not hold back with fully expressing who they truly are.

About Seani Love :

Seani Love is a discreet, professional, fun-loving erotic and spiritual adventurer who works with intimacy, ritual, NeoTantra and other forms of sacred sexuality.

Seani loves exploring the dark places of the human shadow as much as the light. His expertise is in taking his clients and groups on journeys into bliss, surrender and empowerment using the tools of Conscious Kink, ritual, Shadow Tantra and more.

Seani lives in London but travel extensively running workshops and private sessions for his many amazing clients. In 2015 he was awarded the UK Sex Worker of the Year.

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