Welcome to the School of Erotic Mysteries


We’re delighted to have you here.

The School of Erotic Mysteries is a conscious, juicy, heartfelt collaboration between some of London’s finest erotic and spiritual teachers and currently overseen by Seani Love. We have combined our passions and interests to bring you all new possibilities to explore conscious and magical sexual processes via a series of workshops and events.

Our upcoming events:

December 8-9: London – The Rituals of Shadow Tantra

January 5-11, 2019: Melbourne – Erotic Mysteries Deep Dive

As well as our workshops, we are also running a number of one-on-one training courses for those who wish to expand their sexuality and for those who wish to work in the industry. Please take a look out our Professional Development page for details on our offerings.

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For us the erotic mysteries are the often hidden and magical gateways where our erotic impulses overlap our spiritual cores leading us into places of power, insight, truth and love. We have been keen explorers of these mysteries for many years and it is with great excitement that we are able to present this work to the public. There is great transformation, intimacy and healing in being able to bring conscious awareness and magic into sexuality. Likewise there is profound wisdom, love and pleasure ready for us to explore when we bring conscious sexuality into our ritual processes.

So take a deep breath and come join us as we explore the erotic mysteries together.

To book your place on any of our workshops or to find out more, please email us at eroticmysteries@gmail.com.


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