The Rituals of Kink – Berlin

Sunday 25th May
11am – 9pm CEST
IKSK – Berlin

The benefits of a mindful approach to kink are many.During this one day workshop, we will be guided through many of the ways Conscious Kink, Fetish and BDSM can be approached in a ritualistic way.

We will explore how energy can be moved and shifted using BDSM technique; delve into how accessing archetypes through ritual can be empowering and how ritual and erotic connection go beautifully hand-in-hand. We will also look at the potential healing benefits that come about through conscious exploration of kink and sexuality.

All experience levels welcome!

This is an all-gender, queer-friendly workshop.

Please contact the organiser with any questions and to book.

~~~ BOOKING ~~~
The total cost of the workshop is 93 Euros.

To book please email

~~~ ABOUT SEANI WILD ~~~Seani Wild is a professional Kinkster, Shadow Explorer and Shamanic BDSM practitioner who has twenty years of experience in diverse erotic practices. In 2015 he was one of the winners of Sex Worker of the Year at the Sexual Freedom Awards in London.He is trained in counselling and since 2006 has been working on combining ritual journeys with BDSM as a powerful pathway to healing and self-discovery. As an international workshop facilitator, Seani has supported many people on their journey to places of increased power, personal and sexual expression, wisdom and love. Seani runs the School of Erotic Mysteries in London which (during non-covid times) offers regular workshops, classes and private tuition on all things erotic.